Have you ever wondered what would happen and how the world would look like if our goals demand to be fed on a moment basis like our body does?

I have, and I came to the conclusion that the world be a much better place.

Think about this? An average human being eats at least 3 times every day in order to keep the body going and in shape. Sometimes, not necessarily because he wants to, for even when he does not as a result of certain factors such as lack of appetite or time, the body has come up with a unique way to make the individual uncomfortable and weak till he finds something to feed it with. And until this is done, the individual has to battle both physical and mental weakness.

Our goals though not physical are a living being which needs to be fed and nurtured, without which it gets malnourished and eventually dies.

Amazingly, many of us who claim to have dreams and goals make no effort to feed them and yet surprisingly expect it to be alive and even healthy. This is impossible.

What is the food of our goal one may ask? The answer you may already know- Constructive Investments.

Constructive investment is what I simply call the act of precisely, formatively and consciously engaging in certain activities and routines with the sole aim of achieving and reaching your goals.

Like I said earlier, as no man could stay healthy without feeding his body with the necessary nutrients to keep it going, likewise no goal has ever been achieved without a conscious daily effort put in place towards its achievement.

  • First of all; Decide exactly What you Want to Achieve- this is very important for as Stephen Covey said, ` Before you begin scrambling up the ladder of success, make sure that it is leaning against the right building’.
  • Write it Down- for a plethora of reasons, your goals are better written down than being stuck somewhere in your mind.
  • Put a Deadline on it- a goal is a goal because it has a certain date pegged on it on or before which it is expected to have been achieved.

Make a List of Everything that you can Think of that you would need to do in other to achieve your goals.

  • Organize that Goal into a Plan- your thinking cap has a role to play as well, likewise the art and act of visualization. Think it, dream it, feel it, see it and soon you can touch it.
  • Take Action on Your Plan Immediately- do not fall again to the luring charms of procrastination. Do something. Immediately.

Determine to do Something every Single Day that will take you closer to your goals- your goals stand a greater chance to be fulfilled if your routine is daily.

Do the above and you will soon find yourself ticking a big ( on that goal list.

Have you eaten today?