Effective guides to enjoying Medium to the fullest as a (new) writer

With over 60 million subscribers and several thousand posts every day, Medium has become a renowned hub for writers and lovers of good reads.

Yet, as beautiful as this awesome community is, there is something else wrong here.

And there is no easy way to put it than this: Medium…

5 signs and guides to help you quit your 9–5 if you must

The last 10 years saw the highest record of people quitting their jobs in America. In fact, last year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded that 4,478,000 workers quit their jobs.

This is a huge statistic, right? I know, but then, I’m not surprised.

The growing trend of inspirational speakers…

Failure May Just Be What You Need

My Greatest Fear

Just like James Bond was scared of guns and Walt Disney of Mickey Mouse was afraid of mice, my greatest fear was the fear of Failure.
. . .
I couldn’t stand the sight of people saying words like, `Sorry Nonny. I…

I suddenly woke up one morning to realize that the last time I had a dream was when I was in high school.
. . .
When all I ever wanted was to gain admission into the college and study law.
. . .
This dream I achieved a few years ago, but…

5 Best Ways To Handle Procrastination

I don’t know about you, but I had before now always had a thing with procrastination.

Once it is something a little out of my usual routine, something tasking, something intimidating as a result of the time or energy it demands for its production, I tend almost literally to hide…

Birthday Reflections

Hi guys, so on the 13th day of October 2018, another 365 days were rounded up and added to my blissful years on this God green earth.

The journey (yea, it’s a journey) has been insightful, to say the least, and the lessons most compelling.

Upon making a necessary detour…

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